Dear Doctor: What I Should and Should Not Feed My Baby With

Dear Doctor: What I Should and Should Not Feed My Baby With

"Dear Doctor, 

My baby is showing signs that she is ready to eat, but as a new mom I am not sure what I can and cannot give to my baby. What type of food can a 6 months old baby eat? What I should never feed to my 6 month old baby? And what are the things to be mindful of?

I don't want to wrongly feed my baby 😰😰😰 Please help.


Worried Mum."

Dr Irene Soriano

Hi Worried Mum,

It will be too daunting for a first time mum to start solid feeding to her bub. Since your bub has been showing signs of her/his readiness to solid feeds, start with cereals (with iron), vegetables, fruit, meat, chicken or fish. Ideally, it should be one type at a time until bub becomes comfy with the different tastes before you mix and combine flavours. Further, puree or mash this food which the consistency will progress to a coarser one as bub progresses with eating habits. Initially offer 1 tsp at a time as bub tolerates. And feed then when bub is settled and not in distress.

There are also food we should not give to a 6-month old baby. These include food containing salt, sugar, honey, certain types of fish that contain higher amounts of mercury, and raw food. Avoid also giving fruit juice at this age, as it still contains high amounts of sugar.

It is understandable that as a first mum, you are worried. But if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to consult your pediatrician or dietitian.

Good luck! 


Dr Irene Lovella Soriano,

MD, FRACGP, Clin Dip Pall Med, DCH



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