Dear Doctor: Feeding Baby to Gain Weight

Dear Doctor: Feeding Baby to Gain Weight

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"Dear Doctor,

I am a new mom and going to start weaning my 5-month old baby soon. I am wondering whether introducing solid food is to encourage my baby to gain weight. Some questions in my head right now:

 - Do I feed my baby to gain weight?

 - What if my baby gain too little or too much weight?

 - If my baby is underweight, will baby food help?

Hope you can help answer my questions above.


First time mummy"



Hi First time mummy,

Weaning is a process for every baby as they go through their development process- physically, feeding skills. Appropriate weight gain is something we account for with feeding equating to proper nutrition, subsequently sufficient functioning of different organ systems. With regard to weight gain, there is approximate expected range depending on baby’s stage of development. Too little or too much weight gain needs to be assessed regarding adequacy and appropriateness of feeding to the bub.

If baby is underweight, she/he needs to be reviewed by her local doctor to rule out any specific organic issues in addition to assessing the baby’s nutrition. So do talk to your paediatrician especially during your baby’s regular checkups if you are concerned about your baby’s weight.

Wishing you a happy weaning journey! 😀


Dr Irene Lovella Soriano,

MD, FRACGP, Clin Dip Pall Med, DCH


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